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in a way she


Imagine talking to your spouse or partner without conflict. Sulonda gives partners tired of feeling frustrated and fighting, scripts to fix problems and be heard and appreciated. Download your Audio Script Guide now.  


Imagine ...

Standing in the living room, having a conversation, and noticing she’s listening without interruption, looking at you with softness in her eyes, and you, uninterrupted, saying what’s on your mind.

You feel over-appreciated, acknowledged, & respected...


Frequently frustrated!  Ignored & invisible!  Repeatedly disrespected!

80 % of women START divorces. Stop sitting on the sidelines ignoring the problem. It won't go away for good.  
Women are a's time to learn something new!

You are Amazing! 

Every superhero needs a sidekick or a wing woman.

And I'm here to help you.

Know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

Get the appreciation, acknowledgement, and respect you desire.

Your Count Down To Win



I’ll walk you through how to
build your solution strategy in
just 1 day (I got u!)



See exactly how to design  communication scripts in
10 minutes and NO stress



Learn easy steps to
have 75% more support, intimacy, and peace

Know exactly what to say in any scenario with babe, honey or your love

Its strategy mixed with understanding which equals deeper connections.

She's happy and your happy with more support, intimacy and peace.



Sulonda is by far the best counselor I've ever visited. She's knowledgeable, direct,but kind and her approach was individualized for me. I went to her for one concern and she helped me with a lot more. If your want a great well rounded nonjudgmental counselor you definitely should try Sulonda!!! She also coaches you through obstacles to reach your goals.

Albert Ayas


Sulonda provides a very vital and necessary service to the world through her counseling. She is gifted with incredible insight, a delightful personality, and a remarkable listening ear. I have known Sulonda for a number of years and have been the grateful beneficiary of professional counseling. She utilizes a unique balance of time tested practices along with cutting edge and innovative techniques to produce the best results. I highly recommend Sulonda. She has a magnificent way of enriching people's lives.

Joseph L. Jones


Sulonda is great! She gives tools customized to you and your situation. She is knowledgeable in so many areas- religiously, spirituality, emotionally and mentally. She can talk with you on whatever plane you want to talk. She has been incredibly instrumental in helping me become a much better version of myself as well as a much more attentive and present partner. She's super cool and chill.​

Devin Alphin

jerry headshot.jpg

I have always gotten a lot from Sulonda when I work with her.  There is always something new to learn. I look at things differently now especially in my relationship. She helped me become my best self and get a use a strategy to build a happy life. She has a way of listening and hearing things I didn't say but knew actually what I was thinking. I never thought about getting help for problems, but I am glad I did! Sulonda is laid back. She knows a lot about men and what they need the most.

Alfred Titus



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Hi. I'm Sulonda Smith, was a psychotherapist for 27 years and now a coach and consultant for men. My coaching programs, courses, and live events, help individuals solve problems and find peace in their lives with others and themselves. I feel honored having coached 1000s of wonderful people worldwide. I'm the creator of Communicate in a Way She Understands, Enter the Woo Zone, and How o Create the Ideal Relationship, online courses and programs designed to fix problems, gain understanding and practice compassion. 

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My vision is for EVERYONE  to have the type of relationships adventures that help them thrive, personally and professionally,  by mastering the art of communication. FEWER fights and less stress equals happier times, stronger connections, and well-being


01 Facilitated workshops for men.jpeg

Facilitated workshops for men in
companies, churches and nonprofits for 15+ years

Saved 100’s of global clients  $10,000 to $100,000 in divorce fees

03 authored books.jpg

Expert Author and creator  of She Said He Heard This online Academy for men by 2019

Speaker at Boys & Girls Clubs, EPIC Conference, Families FIRST, Atlanta Courts & Justice Center, AID Atlanta & more

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Today is the day to change the direction of your life. Yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. No regrets. Not even in the after life!


Would you like me to help you change your life?





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