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Transform Your Life or Relationship Back to How It Used to Be or Better
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 3 POWERFUL Phrases To STOP Blow-ups and FIX Problems

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Difference Between Therapy & Coaching

Exclusive Services

What's coaching? Coaching focuses on the present, future, and goals. You'll set goals, change your thoughts, and identify what's getting in the way of winning.

Therapy focuses on the past or present and discusses why things aren't how you want them to be. It can be an emotional journey. 

Both modalities work. One might work better for you than the other, depending on the problem you want to solve. A therapist or coach should recommend the right service if a problem can't be helped. 

I've practiced therapy for 27 years, which helps me deliver even more impactful coaching sessions. I get to the real problem quickly. A big problem with couples is they misunderstand each other and respond by reacting. It's the same with individuals seeking coaching. The response to the surface problem is masked with assumptions and overlooked, exacerbating the issue. 

If You're Ready For A Change, Stop Putting Band-Aids On Your Problems. Build or Create a New Life Today So You Can Win Tomorrow!

Quick Question Coaching Session

Men, I know sometimes you don't want to deal with certain things that happen in your relationship. I get it. It's frustrating. And listening to complaints that you aren't emotional enough or don't care enough can be tiresome. Learn how to fix these problems by understanding women more deeply and using scripts to turn the situation around. I'm nonjudgemental, to the point, and I only go deep into emotions if YOU want to. Book a laser coaching call with me. Get scripts. Fix problems. Feel better!


Individual Counseling & Coaching 

Men & Women

You will explore four main problems that hinder personal growth: self-doubt, ineffective thoughts, lack of confidence, and old obstacles. The sessions are interactive, so you practice tools to change old behaviors, beliefs, and fears. We examine your perceptions of self and obstacles that hold you back. You will experience healing exercises to address Self-Sabotaging stories you tell yourself that keep from you trusting in yourself and others. You will receive recorded sessions.


Couples Counseling & Coaching

You will explore four main problem areas of your relationship: needs, commitments, reactive behaviors, and boundaries. These sessions are interactive. You talk with each other and improve communication. I guide the conversation and make suggestions for better solutions. I educate you about the differences in sex, gender, and personality to pinpoint the origin of the problem. There's a healing exercise for addressing old pains that block forgiveness from a new start. You will receive recorded sessions.


Don't Ignore the Problem

Whatever you do, whether you work with me or not, DON'T ignore problems because they grow bigger over time. Ignoring the problem can cause prolonged issues in the future, like losing your partner, children, or money. The biggest mistake I see many couples make is inconsistency. They'll try for about two weeks, maybe a month, and then it returns to the usual toxic cycle from before. Sometimes, it's hard to see where the downward spiral begins. What really matters is what you decide to do before it ends.


Get In Touch

Call, email, or schedule a quick consult (fee-free) to see if I can change your life. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you can and refer you to someone else more suitable. I work with a limited number of clients per month to ensure quality sessions and open appointment times. 

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