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Difference between Therapy & Coaching

What's coaching? Coaching focuses on the present, future, and goals. You'll set goals, change your thoughts, and identify what's getting in the way of winning.


Therapy focuses on the past or present and discusses why things aren't how you want them to be. It can be an emotional journey. 

Both modalities work. One might work better for you than the other, depending on the problem you want to solve. A therapist or coach should recommend the right service if a problem can't be helped. 


I've practiced therapy for 27 years, which helps me deliver even more impactful coaching sessions. I get to the real problem quickly. A big problem with couples is they misunderstand each other and respond by reacting. It's the same with individuals seeking coaching. The response to the surface problem is masked with assumptions and overlooked, exacerbating the issue. 


If You're Ready For A Change, Stop Putting Band-Aids On Your Problems. Build or Create a New Life Today So You Can Win Tomorrow!

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